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Countless intangible veils separate all universes from each other - and from ours. The fabric of space and time is at its faintest, like gossamer, at these proximate points we share with all other realities. Interdimensional castaways are drawn to safety and arrive on a train in our core world, Hialao. The train system also serves as our lifeblood by connecting five other worlds to Hialao.

With the dimensional displacements not yet showing signs of slowing, and research forever futile on how to leave (besides those who simply vanish, falling back through the invisible curtain), it's impossible to say who might arrive and how they might shape this fragile series of lands, eras and cultures. Good luck out there.

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Site premise was formed by the original staff of Gossamer - Alida, Prince, Rebecca, Morgan, and Tera, who created the dimensions of Elestis, Hialao, Parse, Barrows, and Wildewall, respectively. Additionally, Tethya was the result of a site event and was created by a former member, Velvet.

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drifting sorrow ξŒ• OTABEK ALTIN ξŒ• Yesterday at 06:38 am
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  • as hialao is the central dimension from which everyone can travel to the others, it's no surprise that its train station is the largest by far, and one of the focal points of the dimension itself. it's long and semi-open, sharing similar construction as the east side of the dimension -- light walls and several pillars running down its length. there are six different branches of the hialao station; one for each of the remaining dimensions. if you're just arriving you can find various informational pamphlets about the dimensions in each of the branches so that you can decide where you want to go. the trains run in both directions with each dimension twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening - so if you miss one, you'll have a bit of a wait. luckily though, there's plenty in hialao to occupy you should that happen.
    β†’ you were always gold to me ξŒ• MATSUNO CHOROMATSU ξŒ• Today at 04:25 am
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  • the main square is where the general hustle and bustle of the little island town can be found - from attractions to eateries, the main square provides residents with various things to busy their day with. built around tall buildings and stone pathways, the main square is decorated with lush vegetation and an elegant fountain in the middle to top it all off. most of the citizens roaming around this area tend to have come from the east side, but the area in no way neglects those with less money to blow - so long as you can afford what the main square has to offer you.
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  • though much of hialao feels very tropical, the east side of the island is more reminiscent of a european town. the homes are almost all large and lush, the atmosphere elegant -- not surprising, considering the wealthiest residents of the dimension call this area home. the streets are narrow, shops pressed tightly near its center, and plenty of opportunities for entertainment can be found throughout this area, if you can afford them.
    now we're best friends ξŒ• ZERO ξŒ• Today at 08:26 am
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  • opposite of the east side, the west side of the island is secluded among the cliffside near the beach, seeming much more tropical than the european-styled east side. due to the dangers of rockslides, the smaller houses and shacks of the west side and much less pricier than those found between the narrow streets of the east side. although the west side is much less glamorous than its counterpart, it still manages to offer many opportunities for entertainment.
    We're Not In Lolotai An... ξŒ• AZURA ξŒ• Aug 16 2017, 01:35 PM
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  • away from the clamor of the island town are the more remote areas of the dimension. found among the outskirts are various cliffsides that outline the island as an almost-barrier, lining the sands of the beach and curving around the heart of the island. not too far away from the cliffside is the local beach, with water that stretches for miles and miles - except, you may want to be wary of what exactly resides in those waters. the docks provide opportunities to fish and boat tours, as well as rent out kayaks and various other boating needs. not far past the island itself lies kahiko garden - a regular, little oasis with breathtaking vegetation and streams dividing it all. it's safe to say that the more interesting parts of the island might be found outside the town itself.
    something buggin' you ξŒ• GENOS ξŒ• Yesterday at 05:52 am
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  • hidden between cliffsides and shrouded by plant life is moku valley, a marvelous gorge complete with hiking trails and obscure flora. tucked neatly into the cliffs is the falls, an open area made up of waterfalls and streams - perfect to stop at for a rest while exploring the valley. deeper into the valley are the hot springs, one of the most treasured spots among the island, and even further lies the dormant volcano - mauna makai. although, you might not want to stray too close; while currently inactive, that could very well change in the matter of seconds.
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