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Countless intangible veils separate all universes from each other - and from ours. The fabric of space and time is at its faintest, like gossamer, at these proximate points we share with all other realities. Interdimensional castaways are drawn to safety and arrive on a train in our core world, Hialao. The train system also serves as our lifeblood by connecting five other worlds to Hialao.

With the dimensional displacements not yet showing signs of slowing, and research forever futile on how to leave (besides those who simply vanish, falling back through the invisible curtain), it's impossible to say who might arrive and how they might shape this fragile series of lands, eras and cultures. Good luck out there.

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Site premise was formed by the original staff of Gossamer - Alida, Prince, Rebecca, Morgan, and Tera, who created the dimensions of Elestis, Hialao, Parse, Barrows, and Wildewall, respectively. Additionally, Tethya was the result of a site event and was created by a former member, Velvet.

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ordinary life ENKIDU Today at 06:54 am
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  • the bazaar is the central most location of the main town of wildewall. it is here that the people of the dimension gather to enjoy a day of shopping or leisure. throughout the bazaar are the many shops that have been built on the dirt paths for as long as anyone can remember. others have stalls lining the dirt path to show off the wares they have created, or stolen in some cases. if a day of shopping isn't what you're after, there are various places of leisure. there are also a few inns in and surrounding the bazaar to offer a temporary place of rest.
    soldier boys ZUKO Aug 16 2017, 06:19 PM
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  • the military division is, as one might imagine, the area of wildewalll that is dedicated to the protection of those who choose to live there. although no residences line these paths, it is one of the safest places to be when the sun falls below the horizon. the barracks for the soldiers, as well as the forges that create provisions for the soldiers, is located in this area. if you ever find yourself running from a bandit, run directly into this district. there is always someone there to take the lead and save a few lives.
    philosophy 101 GINKO Aug 19 2017, 12:41 PM
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  • the north division is the home of the government that rules over all of wildewall. farther up, past all of the others in the dimension, is the head house where the three leaders of wildewall hold their meetings with each other. inside the head house are actually four separate places that ensure no one grows tired of seeing another when peace must be on their minds. on either side of the head house are the farms that constantly provide the food and even transportation to the entirety of the town. it is here that the train station resides, allowing those who wish it to travel to and from other dimensions.
    am i my sister's keeper? ZUKO Yesterday at 04:38 pm
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  • these homes are those that choose to live in the safety of the soldiers of wildewall, living in or very near the town. these homes reside between the north division and the bazaar. the houses themselves range from luxurious near the north division to rather sad looking shacks farther away from the town. still, it offers protection that the outside forests do not offer.
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  • outside of the protection of the soldiers, wildewall is completely surrounded by lush forests. within these forests, there are military outposts to protect those smaller settlements that didn't wish to live in the hustle and bustle of the larger town. following paths, you may come across one of the many shrines that a resident of wildewall has built to be at one with their religious beliefs. some are active, others are simply ruins. however, not all is well in the forests. there are a few bandit camps lurking within the shadows, just waiting to take advantage of a poor, innocent soul.
    Murphy's Law ZELOS WILDER Yesterday at 10:50 am
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  • travel far enough away from the safety of wildewall's main town and you will come across the fishing docks. the fishermen take pride in their work, often staying for long periods of time in order to ship back enough fresh fish to their beloved town. other than the main dirt road that leads the shipments to and from the town, the forest has surrounded the area, causing a very dangerous atmosphere to those who are brave enough to face it. after all, the bandits know how to get their food very easily.
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