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Countless intangible veils separate all universes from each other - and from ours. The fabric of space and time is at its faintest, like gossamer, at these proximate points we share with all other realities. Interdimensional castaways are drawn to safety and arrive on a train in our core world, Hialao. The train system also serves as our lifeblood by connecting five other worlds to Hialao.

With the dimensional displacements not yet showing signs of slowing, and research forever futile on how to leave (besides those who simply vanish, falling back through the invisible curtain), it's impossible to say who might arrive and how they might shape this fragile series of lands, eras and cultures. Good luck out there.

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Site premise was formed by the original staff of Gossamer - Alida, Prince, Rebecca, Morgan, and Tera, who created the dimensions of Elestis, Hialao, Parse, Barrows, and Wildewall, respectively. Additionally, Tethya was the result of a site event and was created by a former member, Velvet.

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something furry this way comes ξŒ• ZEVRAN ARAINAI ξŒ• Yesterday at 01:16 pm
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  • parker is the wealthier district within barrows. this is where the most powerful gangs are based, and almost everyone who lives here is a member of one (besides the rare few who’ve gained influence on their own). while no place in barrows is safe, parker district does at least put up a presentable faΓ§ade, and there are plenty of opportunities to be entertained – but don’t let your guard down.
    β†’ the face of a boy bewil... ξŒ• MATSUNO OSOMATSU ξŒ• Yesterday at 04:25 pm
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  • the majority of barrows’ population lives in starr district. some areas of the district are decent enough, while others are total slums. unorganized violent crime is common here, so many who are skilled enough have taken up work as vigilantes, trying to protect the innocent people who live in the district.
    A Second First Impression ξŒ• HARLEEN QUINZEL ξŒ• Today at 05:30 am
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  • there are plenty of stores scattered throughout barrows, from the utterly innocuous to the sort that would be illegal in any place with, you know, actual law. the shop owners won’t cheat you out of your money (usually), but be careful not to lose your wallet on the way there. a large number of barrows' residents work in either these stores and restaurants or the factories that exist throughout the dimension.
    HEART IS LOW, (IT'S REA... ξŒ• BROTHER ONE ξŒ• Today at 07:03 am
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  • most of the residents of barrows live in apartments, though the quality of these vary widely. those who live in parker district often live in lavish, roomy suites. in starr district, the lucky live in decent apartments, while those who are less so are forced into cramped quarters with few amenities.
    SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM ξŒ• DIEGO BRANDO ξŒ• Aug 12 2017, 09:20 AM
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  • the park functions as the border between the two districts and is technically part of neither – it may be the only area in barrows with trees. it’s a large, well-kept area, even including a playground for children and a public pool. during the day, the park is rarely the scene of any crime, but it’s not advisable to stay out after sunset.
    A Grim(mer) Situation ξŒ• WOLFGANG GRIMMER ξŒ• Yesterday at 07:42 pm
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  • the mostly-empty outskirts of barrows bear all the signs of halted construction – unfinished building projects make it a dangerous place, an industrial ghost town. it’s not safe to wander here for long, as you’re likely to be crushed by a falling beam or knifed by one of those who make their homes in these ruins. does make a decent place for clandestine meetings, though.
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