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the most heavily used mode of travel in parse is walking, and that is what the ground level streets are reserved for. everything is paved in black, the edges and center of the streets marked by fluorescent blue lights. at any hour, these streets can be found packed with people coming and going, some with purpose and others without; every few yards there is someone new trying to sell something perhaps from a stand or from the inside of a jacket or from a cardboard box, though these illegal businessmen and women are never in one place for long, having to flee the 'sniffers' into dark alleyways or narrow side-streets to avoid being jailed for soliciting without express permission.
high above the ground level is the mid level, or, as some people call it, the circuitway. here is where travel by motorcycle is allowed - but only motorcycle. there are no cars or trucks, only things on two or three wheels. technology has been developed to compact travelers' motorcycles within a small ring of metal that can be worn as a bracelet; a small switch is flipped and the cycle unfolds itself, soon standing on two wheels and ready to ride. all cycles are covered in lights of the riders' choosing, and helmets are required by law. there is no speed limit on the circuitway, and so things like races occur often, despite the illegality. circuit racing is a dangerous sport and has resulted in many deaths over the years, but is still practiced often, and has people fixing their cycles to be faster and faster.
Jan 9 2017, 02:14 PM
the third and very highest level, at the same height of some of the tallest buildings in parse, can only be traveled by shuttle. there are two sets of tracks on the sky level, each traveling in a different direction; there are stops on every block; you program you travel route on one of the touchscreens on the shuttle the moment you board and the shuttle stops according to your initial instructions, an artificial voice sounding over the speakers with your assigned travel number when you are to exit the car. there is always excess seating on these shuttles, and the seats themselves are luxurious and comfortable, cushioned for long rides. on the back of every seat there is a screen installed, and can be controlled by touch; refreshments can be served at request by workers both artificial and biological, to any traveler's liking.
at the edge of the city in a giant, domed building is the train station that travels between dimensions. in design, it's similar to the rest of parse; there is dark glass, black tiled floors, neon lights and signs and hologram guides to direct travelers to where they need to go. new arrivals are greeted by their very own welcome drone - a floating screen on which a friendly, warm face is displayed, giving citizens not only their first taste of the advanced technology of this dimension, but all information needed to comfortably integrate into life on parse. an exchange desk is located near the exit, and there any currency from the other dimensions will be converted into 'credits' and given to you on a small card.
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