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one of the most pleasant places in town, the square is a favorite for taking early morning or late night strolls, but it's also where you can find some other popular places in town such as the library or apothecary. down the cobbled streets are tracks laid for the trolleys that bring people to and from different areas in iscantir. in the center of the square stands a huge fountain, complete with stone statues in the center of many magical creatures -- unicorns, dragons, elves, and of course a wizard. the fountain makes a dazzling display thanks to the color-changing water, and you can tell from the many coins at the bottom that people use this as a wishing well. the town square is especially beautiful at night, when all of the buildings light up with small, twinkling lights. of course, it's well-lit anyway, with the many lamps on the sidewalks, but it's a nice touch nevertheless.
Yesterday at 11:11 pm
the homes in iscantir are as varied as its residents. some are small and humble, with no more than two rooms inside; some are large and luxurious, with multiple stories and an excessive amount of room. most are much the same in style and structure, however -- similar to old english homes. even though elestis is nowhere near as technologically advanced as some dimensions, all of the homes (or at least, the vast majority) have running water, plumbing, heat, and basic electricity. anything else that is needed can usually be taken care of by magical means.
Yesterday at 01:27 pm
of course, every dimension needs a train station, and elestis is no exception. elestis as a whole looks at dimensional travel as exceptionally important, especially from the flow of people and products that comes from it. like the other stations, elestis' train runs to and from hialao. it runs once a day, leaving elestis with those who wish to travel elsewhere, and bringing back those who wish to spend some time here, or return from wherever they were. the train station is much the same style as the rest of the town, with arching columns and cobbled pathways; the train itself is what you would expect, a typical (however antique, compared to some dimensions) locomotive. the station is near the edge of town, opposite the entrance -- the train tracks run right to the outer ice, but once the train reaches the ring, it disappears into the rift. that is also the way in which it returns.
Yesterday at 11:25 pm
the marketplace is a stretch of shopping opportunities, not too far from town square. it's pretty likely that if you come here with money in your pocket you'll be swindled out of it one way or another. still, there's no better place in iscantir to find whatever it is you need, whether it's the carts of vendors set up along the street, the shops that rest in between them, or even the few restaurants that can be found in the area.
Yesterday at 11:15 pm
if you're looking for creatures roaming free in the town, or just want to have a more natural view, the park is the best place to go. only certain animals are able to get into town freely -- the guards never bother any unicorns who decide to venture across the ice, as unicorns are seen as almost sacred, so it isn't too strange to see one or two wandering the grounds -- they might even let you touch them, though they tend to prefer women. the park itself is beautiful, all green (usually) grass, tall trees and the quiet chirping of birds. there's a thin river that runs through the middle of it, coiling at the center into a small pond. there's an old rumor that says there's a fish that grants wishes if you catch it somewhere in the pond, but most dismiss that as a silly wives' tale.
the outer edge of iscantir is a bit barren, with only a few small homes and shops whose residents couldn't afford to live in the busier parts of town. the majority of the guard stays here as well, situated in stations around the ice ring that wards out ground invaders. luckily, those are uncommon, and what the ice ring doesn't keep out the guards typically can whether with weapons or, for some, magical means.
Yesterday at 12:37 am
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