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 Friendly Faces and Coffee Cups, Yui~
Rabbits can die of loneliness, you know.
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People were just, like, his thing. He was a people reader, and as he liked to pride himself, a listener. A real listener, the kind who didn’t just hear words, but body language. Especially that. Like, people were stupid as hell. They would go all “oh, yeah, I’m fine, I’m totally fine” with their mouth but then they had their arms crossed over their chest, shoulders sagged forward a bit, and their feet barely picked up when they took steps. Or they were super rigid or a bit shaky or their eyes wouldn’t focus, or they’d repeatedly do this one thing like scratch their ear or stare off into this one corner. Those were all indicators of someone not being okay. But hey, most people? They’d just take the face value words. They weren’t real listeners. There was a difference. Of course, Hide was definitely also a talker? He was loud. He was a talker and listener both. Basically he was good at all aspects of the people function thing.

But why was that important? Well, because he saw a girl by herself in this one super sweet cafe.

It was one of his favourite places to go to because it was just a six minute walk from work. He’d go there twice in a day - or three times when he had a headache. Once in the morning (and sometimes he’d pick up a drink for his coworkers), once on the way home, aaaand for the headache days he’d get some fresh air in lunch break and go get coffee then too. Today had been a mostly okay day to be honest; it was a week since the whole incident with his roomie….which, uh, well, still kind of weirded the shit out of him, but honestly not for the reasons Nakano probably thought. So he was an Ajin….uh, that was….fine? Nah the thing that weirded him out was, y’know, seeing his roommate covered in blood and being all like oh this is nothing. Yeah. That fucked him up a little. But work was back to normal - which basically meant him sitting in his chair groaning and flopping around, finished his workload three hours into the day. He seriously wished his boss would actually give him legit work - but, supposedly there was a super important case in the coming week that he was allowed to sit in for? So like, he was stoked.

So going into the cafe this afternoon when work closed out had him in an awesome mood.

That girl in the corner there, at the table by the window (seriously how more introspective and sad could you get?) looked the exact opposite of doing okay. So, Hide went about his rounds. First, he ordered a cheesy, white as hell frappuccino - because he was allowed to indulge himself, thank you, and being judged as “white girl trash” was totally fine by him. He was also a Japanese man with raging golden sunny hair so like, he didn’t give a hoot what people thought. When he had his drink, he scooted his way through the tables towards that one by the corner there, and tapped the wood gently. ”Heyo,” he chirped, keeping his voice kinda quiet - if she was introspecting she might not expect someone to speak up. He gave a little squinty-smile and a wave. ”Mind if I take a seat here? Uh, like only if it’s okay.”
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@HONGOU YUI | He didn't glomp her at least?
The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.

Coffee was good for the soul, especially when one suddenly had a craving for something sweet and energizing. Unfortunately for Yui she had a bit of a ‘resting sad face’ exacerbated by her own inner turmoil. Maybe that’s why she was so easy to see through. On this day she passed by the cafe-lined street and had a very spur-of-the-moment desire to sit in some someplace warm and maybe rest a bit, soothing herself with coffee. These places were always on the way home, at least, so it wasn’t much of a detour to stop in and sit for a bit.

She hadn’t even been left long to her own devices. She got her coffee and took a seat by the window, doing what she did best: think. What else was she going to do? Could anyone blame her, really? She didn’t have many friends to hang out with at all, so it wasn’t as though she was going to side around and talk with them or, God forbid, talk to herself. So she sat there, thinking.

She actually hadn’t meant to appear as though she was moping. Not this time, anyway. There was a place for that, and public places that often held many people didn’t number among any of those places.

She heard him speak, and luckily she hadn’t been too deep in thought. She looked at him, eyes wide and confused, and then she glanced about the rest of the cafe before sending him a suspicious look. “There are plenty of other seats…”

But… he looked friendly enough. Her gut nagged at her to keep an eye on him. Just in case. He seemed bright like the sun, and she was at least safe here in public.

“... but if you want to, I guess I don’t really mind.” She moved her bag off the table and hung it on the back of her chair. “Any reason why you chose my table?”
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