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With the dimensional displacements not yet showing signs of slowing, and research forever futile on how to leave (besides those who simply vanish, falling back through the invisible curtain), it's impossible to say who might arrive and how they might shape this fragile series of lands, eras and cultures. Good luck out there.

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I've always envied people who sleep easily. Their brains must be cleaner, the floorboards of the skull well swept, all the little monsters closed up in a steamer trunk at the foot of the bed.

One of Levi's most notable skills is the excellent ability he has in using the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear which was an essential part of his work as a member of the Survey Corps. He was considered to be the best when it came to using this particular piece of equipment, able to move faster than many if not all of the other members of the Scout regiment when utilising it. This has proven to be invaluable when fighting against Titans, including the Female Titan, Levi's mastery over the equipment allowing him to navigate past attacks too fast for other scouts to dodge.

To be able to use the Omni-Directional gear to such a high skill level, Levi has to possess a great deal of strength, something that the man had even before joining with the Survey Corps and which has only grown over the time of his service. Despite his size, he has a great deal of muscle and this again is invaluable when it comes to cutting through the skin of Titan napes, as well as operating his gear and helping his comrades in battle as required.

Against the direction of his section commander, Levi has developed his own unique fighting style with the blades required to kill Titans in combat. The manner in which he holds his swords (with the right sword placed behind his body instead of both blades being in front of him) allows Levi to be much more agile in his attacks, not losing as much stamina or speed as he would have done utilising more standard techniques.

There is no great call for use of the ODMG or his sword skills in Gossamer, however, he won't allow his abilities to slip and will practice religiously to keep them sharp. This makes Levi a formidable opponent in a fight, though he doesn't expect to be getting into many, if you were to engage him you should definitely watch your back!

Not only is Levi a force to be reckoned with when it comes to physical elements of his character, he is also incredibly intelligent. The man has an excellent mind for strategy. As well as this this he is considered to be very street smart thanks to the way in which he was raised and where he was raised. His uncle taught him how to 'get along' with people and Levi still employs those skills whenever he needs to, he lands on his feet in almost every situation.

Levi did not understand what was happening here, he recognised nobody and nothing around him. Even simple everyday objects were strange and unusual, like the table at which he was currently sat. There had been a brief explanation given to him as to where he was, an insistence that there would be further details explained upon admittance into his 'entrance interview'. Evidently the woman who had been attempting to get him into the interview room had felt quite threatened by his glower and his quiet refusal to move anywhere until he was told further information. Such as where Erwin was, which part of Wall Rose he was currently in, as this looked like nowhere he was familiar with.

His demands however, had not been met and instead he was heavily encouraged to enter the room before he was detained. Levi was no stranger to being on the wrong side of the law but he had no desire to compromise his position and limit his ability to move around this...well, wherever the hell he was. So he had complied with their wishes and moved into the room as requested. There was no guarantee how co-operative he was going to be for this interview they desired to give to him, but at least he was sat in the room like they had wanted. Even though it was filthy and it was making him twitch internally to have to stay here.

It was only a few minutes later that another woman entered the room and sat down at the chair opposite him. Levi had relaxed himself in his seat and currently had one arm draped over the top of the chair, his fingertips gently tapping against the wood in a gesture which clearly communicated that his patience was low and he did not want to waste his time here. The woman seemed to realise that, settling herself quickly and opening her small file, revealing a blank document full of boxes and questions ready to be asked. Levi calmly kept his gaze on her, though it was clear she was hurried by his unwavering attention, as she asked her first question.


This question seemed standard. Something that anyone would need to register for citizenship and therefore certainly something that should already be known about him if he were indeed still in the perimeter of Wall Rose as he hoped he was. His mind was swiftly processing what he was seeing around him. There were items that he had never seen before which he most certainly would had he been in residence in Wall Rose like he expected. He was aware that he had been on some sort of mode of transport when he had arrived, a train, but how he had gotten there and where he was going to was unclear to him. His memory had never failed him before, so the lapse of information concerned Levi greatly.

He decided that it was in his best interest to continue to play along with...whatever the hell this insipid interview was for and in the process find out more information. There was always the option of simply slamming his hands down upon the desk and demanding answers, but he had tried the obstinate approach previously and that had gotten him nowhere. While he might be brash in nature, Levi knew when he needed to behave in a somewhat agreeable manner and when gathering information from an already scared female, frightening the woman further was certainly not the way.

"My name is Levi." he informed in his usual, quiet tone, his gaze still keenly fixed on the woman opposite him, who noted down her answer and appeared to be content to move onto the next question. Levi made a small 'tut' and inclined his head slightly to attract her attention back to him; "Generally when somebody gives their name, you provide your own in return." he prompted. To which the woman squeaked out her name and flushed, which almost made him roll his eyes but Levi refrained, barely. The name he had asked for to see if it tallied with others he knew or were popular from the districts, but it was a name he had never heard before, further adding to his confusion.


What kind of a question was that? Did the woman, named Apple of all damn things, think that this was in any way a good use of either of their times? Asking him what he was. Clearly he was human. The only thought that placed into his mind was, what if, wherever I am, there are people who appear human and are not? Like the Titan shifters, like Eren? That was both reassuring and not as he did not want to be alone in the completely unfamiliar wherever he was, but if there were more of them here Levi doubted that they were all so eager to help like the Jaeger boy had been. More Titan shifters like the Female Titan were not welcome. He had not had chance to see the defences of this place yet but, one brief look further outside would tell him if this place was prepared for what might come.

He was however, not entirely convinced this was not some very strange dream he was having because that would be preferred to arriving in an entirely new place like these people seemed to be selling to him. Still, whether this was a dream or no, Levi supposed he lost out on nothing by answering the question. If anything he would only gain more information which was only a good thing in his mind. "I am a human, isn't everyone here?" he asked, eyes narrowing slightly in suspicion as the interviewer went on to explain how they had a very 'diverse' set of civilians here. In fact she mentioned that she had recently interviewed someone who was part...tree? At that point Levi let out a soft scoff and shook his head; "So this is definitely a dream then." he murmured to himself.


Surprised by the arbitrary direction the questions seemed to have taken, Levi wondered how much stranger this dream was going to become. He had to admit to himself that this was likely what it was, this scenario, nothing but a dream. A temporary diversion from what lay in wait for him back in Calaneth. Though the pain in his leg seemed real enough, which almost made him scoff out another laugh, it would be typical, that even in a dream he would fail to be completely at peace. Sleep tended to elude him, something he had expected and adapted to, but having a nightmare or dream when he did sleep was a rare occurrence. Normally the man simply collapsed in his designated chair almost from exhaustion.

Perhaps this woman was named as she was because the last thing he had looked upon before sleep was an apple? It was the only thing that made sense, surely a parent wouldn't have been that cruel to have named their child something so damn ridiculous. Then again, he supposed he would have taken a stupid name than what he got when he was younger.

Ah, but there was a question to be answered and Levi simply returned the woman's gaze as he had been throughout the interview so far (unnerving, some would describe it as) while he replied to her; "Not that I see the significance of what hand I use is in this...citizenship interview...but I use my right hand prominently when I complete every day tasks and both for combat." the man informed in an almost bored sounding tone. Generally Levi had very little patience for procedures or authority unless he respected them, he certainly had no respect for this timid little thing, but he continued to answer, more out of pity and desire for information than anything.


The questions were becoming even more bizarre now and Levi couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the latest one that was asked of him. Surely the interviewer could have read the room and simply asked him things which were necissary instead of prattling on about personal preferences like this. There was no need for her to know about his regimented three minute showers, none whatsoever. Of course there was an answer he could give, that being his hair, but he failed to see the significance of such a personal question. Hygiene being so important to him as it was.

It reminded him in some fashion of a psychological evaluation. He'd had a fair few in his time, as was expected when his job was what it was. It was almost part and parcel of working with the Survey Corps in the first place. Even for a dream this was becoming very incoherent and if this was the political procedure for welcoming new immigrants into a country? Then Levi was extremely disconcerted with the place he had found himself stranded. How was this in any way safe or needed? How did they know these answers were the truth? Were there any good answers, any bad ones?

In his opinion, the whole thing was ridiculous and he found himself more than willing to wake up. He had better things to do than be here indulging in this stupid escapist fantasy.

This anger and frustration made Levi's next answer less hospitable, if that was possible, than the ones that came prior; "I don't see what difference it makes." he almost snapped, his tone was clearly edged and frustrated "If this is how you really run this operation then it is pretty lamentable. Please explain to me how asking about my showering habits is in any way going to determine my fitness as a civilian in this place...wherever this is." After his answer, the young interviewer hurried to assure him of the reality of the situation, she imparted some more knowledge and hoped this would appease him. It worked, to an extent.


Levi was at least getting somewhere, gathering more information with each ridiculous question that was asked of him. Apparently, this whole questionnaire, entrance interview process, was done so that they had a better grasp of him as a person. These questions were asked in order to draw out information about himself and his character. While the man did not truly understand why being asked about his showering habits was needed to get a grasp of him as a person, he was willing to let this slide slightly more than he was before. He regained some of his patience. For now.

Again he failed to see the significance of what he had eaten last but, considering the woman opposite him had given some more information about this place called 'Hialao' he had found himself in, Levi thought being co-operative would be appropriate. At least for this one question. He actually had to think about this one a little, as generally he did not pay attention to what he ate, as long as it was edible, Levi would eat whatever was put in front of him. He wasn't particularly picky. That came from not having the luxury of choice when he was growing up and that was something which had continued in his adult life, right through to today. Military rations for the Survey Corps were hardly fine dining, but Levi did not need that kind of materialistic crap anyway. Those were for the assholes in the military police.

"I think it was some bread and stew." the man answered as passively as he had answered every other question so far "Beef, maybe." he amended, though it was clear that he didn't view this topic of conversation as very important.


Well this was a question which Levi could understand, wanting to know the facts about someone and where they had come from was important. All the better to understand their culture and what viewpoints they might hold. There was quite a clear divide between the different districts within the walls, for example, those who lived behind Wall Sheena tended to be rich and unaware of the struggles which plagued those who resided in the outer walls who were much poorer in monetary means and material possessions. Though, at least they got to live on the surface and experience the sun.

The Underground, where he had come from, where he had been raised was perhaps the worst area in which to live. The question of whether he missed it brought some difficulty to the man although it didn't show upon his face. He supposed his truthful answer would be that no, he didn't miss the place in itself, it was a rotten filthy cesspit of humanity's worst members for the most part. The rest of them? They were mostly resigned. Resigned to never seeing the light, resigned to having their legs rot away and become useless, to the monopoly that the royals had on the civilians. He would rather fight one thousand Titans before being relegated back to that particular nightmare.

What caused him some hesitation though, was that he missed some of the people who had brightened his existence there considerably. Many of the memories he had of Isabel and Furlan were in that place, about trying to reach beyond it of course, but the Underground was the setting for their time together. It was bittersweet, in a way. It always pained Levi to remember them, especially Isabel, he knew he had failed them both but there was something about the relationship he had cultivated with her, almost like a sibling, which made what happened burn even harder in his chest when he thought of it.

Upon realising he had been silent for quite some time, Levi cleared his throat and offered forth his minimalist and purely factual reply; "I was born in the Underground and no, I do not miss it."

People who he dealt with on a day to day basis knew better than to ask him questions of this nature. The woman opposite him unfortunately did not know better and therefore was most likely very unprepared for the glare that she received in initial response to it. He had to wonder if there were any people who would take this question well, after all it was deeply personal. Levi did not discuss matters such as this, with anyone. It was a complicated issue and one which he did not fully feel comfortable with himself, so there was no manner in which he was going to be revealing information to this interviewer that made him feel discomfort.

Besides, he did not understand why they would need to ask this in the first place. In his opinion, it could almost be considered improper, to come out and ask something so delicate about a person as soon as you met them. It hardly shed any light on what he was like as a person in any significant manner, only if he was some kind of desperate teenager or if he was a romantic fool who fell in love too easily. Levi was neither of those things and he considered that something to be apparent from the manner in which he carried and conducted himself.

"That is none of your concern. Please move on to the next question." Levi stated, his tone was firm and it clearly showed no amount of coercion was going to get him to provide a different answer. The woman almost looked, disappointed. Tsk. It was as if she was simply gathering gossip to spread amongst the other workers if she perked up and seemed so animated about this question in particular. Needless to say his answer was not one she liked, even though she noted it down and moved on.


Again, a question that Levi would rather not answer. It was even more intrusive than the last one which was greatly irritating. There were more important things that had demanded his attention, finding romance or indeed just someone to relieve sexual energies with was definitely the last thing on Levi's mind. Never mind the fact that he detested becoming dirty, he had a low tolerance for it and one of the unavoidable things when engaging in those kinds of activities was that you would become unpleasantly dirty. The man could hardly say that however, drawing attention to one of his compulsions wasn't on the agenda for today.

To look at him, many would assume that Levi had engaged in plenty of activities of this nature but, not only had the cleanliness been an issue, but the interest itself had never been there. He could look at someone and appreciate their beauty, but he had never had the inclination to do anything beyond that. Perhaps, if this was all true and he was in a completely different place, a place without Titans and without him needing to serve in the Survey Corps...that would change. Levi did not expect it to but, it would not be something he refused, should it happen.

Admitting that he was a virgin and especially about his compulsions was not something that he wanted to do, so Levi merely continued to look at the interviewer with a stony expression; "Next. Question." he instructed, through gritted teeth.


Now he was becoming irritated.

Why was this woman so damn interested in his love life? It was hardly anything exciting and the constant questions about it were putting him on edge. Generally he would have simply gotten up and walked away or thrown some kind of insult at her in order to discourage this continued behaviour but, he needed to get some more information. Each minute he spent here, he became more and more convinced that this was no dream at all. There were too many sensations for it to be. For example, in a dream, you might see someone touch your hand or you might place your hand on a metal table - but you would not feel the sensation of skin on yours or the cool of the table. Levi was experiencing minute sensations a dream would not communicate, things were in too much detail for his mind to have made this up entirely and the woman sat before him was adamant every time he spoke to her that this world was real. What was happening to him was real.

If it was, Levi could not just stand up and leave, he needed to get through this and he wanted as much information about this place as possible before he left. At the conclusion of this questionnaire the interviewer was supposed to help him select where he wanted to live and give him some kind of identification to allow travel between different places here. Levi would need that assistance and so, he kept himself in check and merely answered the question in a growl; "No."


At least this was a question that Levi could somewhat see the purpose of, because it was clear that the interviewer was trying to ask whether or not he had an optimistic mindset, or a pessimistic one. In answer to that kind of question, Levi generally gave the answer that he was neither. That he was a realist. The glass had water in it and that was all that mattered, not whether or not it was half empty or half full. You drank the water to remove your thirst and whether or not you looked at it one way or the other, the glass still held the same amount of water and could relieve the same amount of thirst.

He was a highly practical individual. He looked at situations and adapted to them. If he was in a situation where he was surrounded by four abnormal Titans, Levi would adapt and deal with that situation so that he wouldn't become red paste on the ground or end up slowly dissolving in the stomach of a Titan. People who stood around making statements about how a situation seemed bleak or how they could all do well if they just stuck together wasted time and more often than not ended up getting people killed. The situation was the situation, good, bad or otherwise, just deal with it and move on to the next thing.

Despite the anger that he had felt at the woman's last few questions Levi settled into answering this one a little more politely, at least his tone of voice wasn't irritated or sharp. It had settled back down into its usual drawl which was a welcome reversion for the interviewer; "Side stepping the pretence of this question, I will simply answer what you are really asking." he stated "I am a realist. Optimism is hard to come by, pessimism just makes you question why you even bother. Realism is the only mind set which allows me to get up and face the day. That is likely how many others from my home think too."


He supposed, thinking on it, you could tell a little about a person and what they thought was important with the answer they would give for this particular question. Honestly he was still quite bemused by the manner in which this interview was being conducted, the things he was being asked, because they all seemed neither here nor there to him. Would they not prefer to know what his occupation was? Was kind of use he could be to them here? If he had any deadly plagues or diseases? He didn't obviously, but they weren't to know that. Tsk. It certainly was not the way in which he would have expected Erwin to conduct something of this fashion, which was generally what he accepted as a model example of leadership. He respected his superior, he had earned that over the time they had known each other, even after he'd tried to kill him he'd still been patient. Though, that might have been because he could clearly see he had suffered enough for what he had done against him.

The answer to this question however strange it was to ask in the first place, was obvious to Levi. It would be for anyone who came from the places and experiences he had, he believed. So it took him no time at all to offer forwards his response; "I would be some form of bird." he explained no further on that answer, but the interviewer just seemed pleased enough that he was being somewhat pleasant now. He was tempted to press her further here for more information but, as she already started moving onto the next question, Levi kept his questions in his mind and refined them further for when he did have chance to pose them.


Glancing down at his pristine brown boots, Levi thought that this question was fairly self explanatory. They could obviously see what kind of shoes he was wearing and could have noted down the answer from their observations. Perhaps though they were somewhat preoccupied when they first entered and first saw him, thanks to the information they had been given previously regarding his conduct. For the sake of a peaceful interview from this point onward, which would also hopefully mean a shorter one, Levi elected to simply answer the woman's question so they could move onward;

"These are standard issue military boots for members of the Survey Corps." he explained in his usual lack lustre manner, still clearly disinterested in this "Their length is partly for protection purposes, to reduce any impact stones or other projectiles may have on the lower legs while using the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear. They also help to absorb shock upon landing." That was probably the most that Levi had spoken about something during this entire interview. Well, not taking into account the occasions when eh had been irritated or taking the time to correct the woman. Levi merely kept his gaze on her as she blinked at him, waiting for the questions to continue. He knew a lot about the weapons, uniform and practices of the Survey Corps as they had been his life for a significant period of time now. To not know these things would be shameful.


"No. Next question." was the immediate response which immediately got the interviewers attention.

After each question was asked, the man sat opposite her would generally take a few seconds in which to sit, almost as if he was contemplating about what he was going to tell her. Out of all of the people that she had interviewed during her time here, he had to be one of the ones who had spoken the least to her. She liked to think that she was a personable individual, that others could speak with her easily, but this interview was showing her otherwise. Perhaps they really were just drip feeding her the easy guys, Levi was her first challenge but...at least she had gotten an answer for almost every question.

The ones where he seemed to avoid answering so far were the ones which focused on emotional areas of his life as opposed to the factual ones. He had not given her an answer for any of the three questions on partners and romance, now he avoided telling her any information about his family. It made her wonder what had actually gone on in his life so far. Even though he had answered every single question, she still didn't have a good idea of him as a person. While they were always told to be courteous, respectful as these people had gone through a major shock in shifting worlds, she would be lying if she wasn't frustrated by it.

She had opened her mouth to try and press him slightly on the topic, but the harshest glare Levi had sent so far in her direction made her immediately halt and close her mouth once more. Definitely not asking about that particular topic any further then. In the box, she simply wrote; 'Declined to comment.' and moved on.


Still reeling slightly from that last question, Levi almost missed this one he was stuck lingering on memories of faces he would rather move on from. His mother, Kuchel, was always a sore subject, she had done her best with the situation presented to her, he realised that now and in a way he had realised it when he was younger as well. The memory of being stuck with her corpse in the bed of their home was a harrowing one, that did not seem to dull with the passage of time. Kenny, well, he did the best that he could. Levi could hardly fault the man, he had been under no obligation to take him in and he had done. He was indebted to him for that. It was when his mind shifted to the loss of Isabel and Furlan that...that he began to lose his grip on himself. He detested doing so in front of people, especially strangers.

The pause between his answer was longer than normal as he attempted to remember what it was that had actually been asked. Something about choosing a token? Levi did not know if this was some kind of children's game in this world but he had never heard of it. Nevertheless he thought on the significance of some of the pieces and what they could represent, eventually settling his mind on one and giving it as his answer; "The man on horseback." he stated. He himself was proficient at horseback riding and so, it seemed like a natural choice for him.

Levi went on to ask for some more information about this 'Monopoly', the only thing he knew about the word was the definition, which turned out to be important as that was the objective of this 'game'. Through his questionings of the woman he learned a lot more information about pastimes and amusements here than he really cared to, there were many things he did not understand, things he had never heard of before. Each one gave more credence to the fact that this was entirely real, not a dream. Levi was not an imaginative man, he knew strategy, he was intelligent, but creating inventions so elaborate and unheard of just for a dream? That was fairly beyond him he was sure.


If the interviewer had thought that his reaction to the question about his family had been poor, then the response to this question was even more so. Levi turned his head away to direct his scowl to the wall instead of the woman who had no idea what she had just asked of him. Already his mind had lingered far too long on his past, things which gave to him discomfort, on top of being in a filthy room and being quite unable to do anything about it. There were many things in his life that he regretted, too many to list. The only thing that he was able to do in his profession was to move forwards believing he would not regret the decisions that he made, but he did. Even if he knew that it was the right call to make, he still found himself unable to sleep because of the faces of the people he had lost playing in his mind.

His latest burning regret, something he hated himself for doing even as he did it and knew it had to be done, was the disposal of the dead as they returned to Calaneth following their confrontation with the Female Titan. The living always had precedent over the dead in any combat situation, even over the wounded, but tossing their bodies so carelessly to one side so that they could make their escape still felt so incredibly wrong. Nobody had blamed him for the decision he had made, in fact, some people even openly congratulated him for making the call that they themselves might have not. Levi did not need congratulations for something so despicable, he did not want it.

Each member of the Survey Corps were brave and strong, they knew the risks of signing up and each were valued by him because of those qualities...but he would not be telling the truth if he said there was not one person he was pained by more than the rest. Especially taking into account what happened upon his return to Calaneth. Petra, a member of his own squad, someone who had trusted him, someone he had later learned planned to devote her life to him and serve as a member of his squadron for the rest of her days...he had thrown her body from the trailer as if it were nothing. As if it was just some, some dead weight to be rid of. He could not stand himself for making that decision.

"Next question." Levi insisted, skipping over the verbal answer the woman needed entirely. To which she did not protest whatsoever, clearly reading the mood of the man before her and simply trying to move on.


Levi wondered if these were specially designed to keep him on his toes, she seemed to be shifting the mood between questions easily, not that he was not somewhat grateful for the change in pace from the last line of enquiry. Thinking on the answer for this particular question helped him to calm mentally and leave those memories at the back of his mind. After the events that had taken place with the Female Titan in the forest, the ones which had just been brought back up again in his mind, Levi knew he was certainly not going to be picking 'forest' for his response. Out of the two that were left, one held a certain appeal to him that meant that he would quite like to live beside it, to experience it properly.

"I would choose the sea." he told the woman, shifting his position so he was once again facing her directly, his gaze fixed on her and her movements as it had been before.

After being confined in the Underground for so long, the idea of living somewhere so open and free was quite appealing to him. Waking up in the morning and being able to look beyond his window and see nothing but an expanse of blue water filled him with a sense of calm that was exceptionally useful to him now. Perhaps, in this place he was now, there would be somewhere like that he could live. If this was his lot in life now, he would make the best of it. Even though he wished he could return to his home to help his comrades, throughout his conversation with the interviewer, from the brief information he'd received so far, it all pointed to that being an impossibility.


If it was not transparently obvious, Levi was not an individual who laughed or even smiled a lot. He could not even really remember the last time he had done either. Though he suspected that it would have been during some gathering of his friends and comrades. Those tended to be the times where he found himself smiling the most, generally because he would mock one of them and find his comments to be amusing. Or someone would act the fool and he would find himself laughing at their comeuppance when they inevitably injured themselves in some mild way. Oruo biting his tongue while he yapped incessantly on horseback had been something Levi found amusing, up until it happened far too often and he had become used to it.

This question even brought with it a bittersweet sensation for the Squad Captain as he thought again on the members of his specially picked team that had recently perished. Though Oruo might have been an idiot most of the time, he was still missed.

Considering he had refused to answer some of the recent questions, Levi decided that, despite not really wanting to discuss them beyond this simple statement, he at least owed the interviewer some more co-operation. He would never learn any more information from them if he did not volunteer some of his own. So he tapped his fingertips against his leg, while he rested his ankle on the knee of the other, "My friends, being damn idiots, normally." The woman seemed appeased by his answer and they continued onward, hopefully to the last few questions.


Thankfully, at the time he had arrived on the train, he had with him his Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, not that he could use it with his leg in the state it was at the moment but he had been cleaning it. Unsurprisingly. While he only used this for military purposes, Levi still thought that it would be the best answer for this particular question and he knew a fair bit about the device itself so he could provide a decent answer for the interviewer.

"The device that I came with today is named Omni-Directional Mobility gear. Primarily this is used in combat situations where I am required to deal with Titans, however, I will explain how it works." Levi seemed at least content to talk about this aspect of himself, so the interviewer smiled and gave him a few words of encouragement, which he returned with a glare which plainly read 'I am not a child.'. There were no more words of encouragement following that. "You latch onto buildings or other sturdy points through the anchors, then, you use your gas canisters to release a controlled amount of the substance to give you speed in the air. Your own movements are key when using the gear as is your upper body strength."

The woman asked some more questions about the gear and Levi hummed in contemplation before deciding to go ahead and answer those as well; "These are standard issue to all members of the military. In the event of a Titan sighting or attack they are required to reach the height of their napes and destroy them." he began, before addressing her last few questions "All new cadets are trained in its use when joining with the military. When not using the Omni-Directional Mobility gear, I walk or ride to wherever I am required to be. Horseback and carriages are popular general modes of transport in my home."


This question required absolutely no thought on Levi's part, though again he had to wonder why this was even being asked of him. Throughout the course of the interview however he had just accepted strange enquiries were going to be put to him and he should not concern himself too much with them. As long as in the end, he received all the information he needed in return, answering a few paltry questions was neither here nor there. Things could have been worse, he supposed. Answers could have been forced from him on topics he avoided, but, in general the interviewer had been quite understanding, despite his behaviour. So if Apple decided she wanted to use this time to ask whether he preferred tea or coffee, it was entirely her own choice to do so. As odd and slightly moronic as that was to him.

"I prefer tea, quite a bit." he answered, even going so far as to move beyond the basic answer of 'tea' he could have given. This was indeed some level of progress. Levi had always wanted, should the Titans one day no longer be an issue and he was allowed to remain upon the surface, to open up a tea shop of his own he enjoyed the drink so much. He knew a great deal about blends, how to make his own should he have the materials and the time.

Perhaps, again, if this truly was permanent, he could look into doing just that. It...seemed like a betrayal in some ways, if he could not return and his friends and allies were still suffering, to be opening up a tea shop and enjoying himself. It sat with Levi unpleasantly, but, what else could he do? He did not have a scientific mind, as much as he was intelligent most of his abilities lay with strategy. Should Hange be here, they might have had a better chance but, he could contribute nothing to the search for a way home and he was aware of that. All he could do was bide time, until he could return, until he could continue to help the fight against the Titans. Levi half wondered what would happen to Jaeger now he was not under his supervision, but, tried not to linger too long on 'ifs' and 'possibles'.


Apparently this was to be their last question and Levi was keen to get this interview completed so he would be able to pose more of his own questions. No doubt the woman was somewhat dreading the large barrage of queries he would direct her way but that was not his problem. He had answered hers, mostly, shortly it would be her turn. Levi did give this last question some thought however, not simply blurting out the first five words he could think of so he would better get on with what he wanted to do. After a few moments, he gave his answer in a calm and measured tone of voice; "I am reserved, dedicated, hard-working, loyal and tidy." Levi stated, with an incline of his head which showed that he was not going to be changing his answer any time soon.

Now that the line of questioning from the representative of Hialao was completed, Levi leant forwards lightly and readied himself to pose his own, something the interviewer swallowed heavily at and clutched at what looked like a selection of information sheets in the back of her folder. Upon seeing those, Levi raised an eyebrow and simply held out his hand; "It would save us both a lot of time if you simply allow me to read over those sheets then ask any follow up questions." he stated. The idea was greeted with enthusiasm and Apple handed over to him the various information he had requested, which Levi began looking over silently. The only sound which could be heard throughout the room was the flipping of paper over every few minutes or so, until Levi brought up something which had been irritating him since the moment he walked in here; "This place is filthy, by the way. I advise you to clean it before the next arrival is brought in." he stated, his voice holding a firm edge, before he returned to his reading, almost as if he had never said anything at all.
Levi is taken after his battle with Mikasa against the Female Titan, his leg has been injured and the regiment has managed to return to Calaneth.
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@LEVI ACKERMAN Thanks for polishing the app to glittering perfection! Levi would be proud. :P Really though, I'm glad for the enormous dedication put into writing so much and encompassing him as a person. He's one of my all-time favourite characters. You've got his rough way of expressing himself - and how it unsettles the unwary - and yet also his ability to relax and let down his own guard, talk surprisingly more at times than you'd expect. It culminated with me giggling quite a bit (and I'm still very amused) at how realistically you phrased his last words, telling the lady to clean the room. Well done, I'm giddy at how good this is.

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