G O S S A M E R .
You've slipped through the ephemeral veil of gossamer that separates your own world from ours. It is a train which mysteriously brought you here. These trains also serve as our lifeblood by interconnecting our six dimensions.

Hialao is the nucleus, a modern, sunny and hospitable seaside realm; Wildewall is steeped in tradition, good for those with archaic roots and a taste for wilderness; Elestis is the fantasy land of ever-tumbling magic and whimsical imagination; Parse whirs like the massive digital machine that it is, advanced and technological.

Barrows is the breeding ground of chaos, with refrains of grunge and anachronistic crime; Tethya is the small but glorious underwater world reminiscent of Victorian times; and those who don't feel at home in any of these places, or simply like to wander, are known as Drifters.

We're a panfandom roleplay forum for animated and illustrated media: this includes anime, manga, Western animation and comics, video games, visual novels, and more. We are hosted on Jcink Premium and are over 3 and a half years old. Please register in ALL CAPITALS!


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hello old lovers of mine; my little boy wishes of fortune's kisses, now dreams cast aside. in the fading light, your crown of thorns becomes a halo of branching horns. and yet so beautiful. i know you'll be holding court with jackdaws, crying when nobody ever sees your tears.
locationsread the guidelines below
do you have an idea for an ic subforum board in one of the dimensions? we're always open to new ideas for locations, so feel free to post them here! however, there are some caveats and things to consider:

1) is there already a location very much like it in any of the dimensions? if yes, then it will very likely not be considered; we want to avoid redundancy when we already have 6 highly fleshed-out dimensions.

2) is it an area that any character could feasibly thread in? e.g. if it's just a super-secret headquarters for a small handful characters, then let's avoid making an area for it, as they can keep their interactions within closed threads in the closest relevant area.

3) don't be vague. please include some kind of description of your idea, even a draft official subforum description; we want to have a good idea of what exactly the new location is and what it's about. please note we will not be adding any main boards, so any suggestions will need to be a sub-board (or even sub-sub-board) of another.

4) there is no guarantee that any subforum suggestion/request will be automatically be added. the staff will judge on a case-by-case basis. please fill out the following form when requesting.

subforum title / name: name here
subforum description / summary: summary here, make it at least a solid paragraph!
relevance: in your words, give us a run-down of what makes your suggestion unique and useful to the ic environments of gossamer.
subforum title / name: Iscantir (Magical?) University (Of witchcraft & wizardry)
subforum description / summary: Higher magical education is important for not only the furture of Elestis, but in keeping balance within the fragial world. But a long with a magical curriculum, students of IU can also major in other fields such as Art, Science, and Agriculture to name a few, opening it's doors to students from all walks of life. While Magical studies is it's main focus, IU welcomes anyone to join their ranks. Who knows, maybe you have untapped magical potential.
relevance: Well, we have teachers and instructors in Elestis, and yet there isn't a school system for which the instructors have to teach at? And while they could teach in the privacy of their own homes, it seems to me like higher education is lacking??? I know there are schools in Hialao and Barrows, however it states it is for "younger residents" (in Hialao) and "Ill equipted" in barrows which makes me think it is "lower education", and anyone who has been to Uni knows that there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between "high school" and "University". I feel like it would open up more RP opportunities, and not regulate students to JUST Hialao or Barrows, or Uni AUs, especially if they have magical qualities and want to place their Uni student aged character in a uni situation? What about those people who wish to continue their eduaction, as well? I can see an exotic location would draw in students from all walks of life, and would help boost the econimic standings of Elestis?

This is the first time I suggested something it kinda seems dumb LOL
If you're not beautiful enough to be worthy of my love, then I don't NEED you!
Pokemon Sun/Moon
Aether Foundation President
Ori (she/her)
subforum title / name: Aether Paradise
subforum description / summary: The main base of operations for the Aether Foundation based on the Elestis Lake Amaranth and a high-tech facility dedicated to protecting all the magical creatures across the Dimensions. The ground floor is the entrance level. Most visitors enter Paradise from this level and there are a variety of services available here for all kinds of creature situations. Above this floor is the conservatory, which is a paradise for all creatures is captivity and is able to cater for all creatures. Below the ground floor is the docks which is not only used to transport injured creatures but as a handy storage area. There also seems to be a fourth floor which visitors aren't allowed to enter 'The Labs'...
relevance: Goss's Aether Foundation is 'dedicated to helping all creatures living within the dimensions'. The base at Amaranth is pretty large and spacious with a variety of services for characters to use. Plus, characters can visit the conservation level to watch the creatures recover and occasionally guest will be allowed to handle them. Once they're completely used to the Aether workers. Gotta keep guests safe after all. I also have a small subplot in mind but I'll bring that up / PM it when it gets more viable. But yeah there are three levels for characters to explore ^^
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