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You've slipped through the ephemeral veil of gossamer that separates your own world from ours. It is a train which mysteriously brought you here. These trains also serve as our lifeblood by interconnecting our six dimensions.

Hialao is the nucleus, a modern, sunny and hospitable seaside realm; Wildewall is steeped in tradition, good for those with archaic roots and a taste for wilderness; Elestis is the fantasy land of ever-tumbling magic and whimsical imagination; Parse whirs like the massive digital machine that it is, advanced and technological.

Barrows is the breeding ground of chaos, with refrains of grunge and anachronistic crime; Tethya is the small but glorious underwater world reminiscent of Victorian times; and those who don't feel at home in any of these places, or simply like to wander, are known as Drifters.

We're a panfandom roleplay forum for animated and illustrated media: this includes anime, manga, Western animation and comics, video games, visual novels, and more. We are hosted on Jcink Premium and are over 3 and a half years old. Please register in ALL CAPITALS!


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 Stealing Your Name, [Tag: Open!]
Although it seems that now, we’re just playing around. It is much too soon to throw these ideas out! And today, standing there on the railway, all alone at the station’s end. Tomorrow’s me is surely waiting helplessly to take orders from a rather dumb and selfish scum dictator again...
Invader ZIM
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starry (she/her or he/him)
So the part where we are trapped in active depart In the fate of the stars, no not one who we are
It wasn't a big deal to begin with, he imagined. Just that the owner of a local store had gone out of luck when a girl who was previously the music player for the shop disappeared, and he needed a new person who would just be the help. Fill things in. The fact of the matter was that Zim wasn't interested in the 'job' part of the portion in the least, and even if he was probably getting paid for it after a while, the alien was mostly just half....dazed. Letting his mind wander a bit.

When he'd arrived on Earth, it had been a matter of trying to relieve stress. Human sports? Boring. Human art? Pathetic, painting wasn't for him. But music? As long as he wasn't focused on every little key, every little note and just let his mind wander...it was all okay. And his mind naturally tended to wander anyway, making him a...surprise savant when it came to piano.

He released a breath, one-two-one-two-three, and hold. This song in particular was one from a movie that Gir tended to watch quite a bit, even if Zim couldn't fully understand why he liked it. Especially since it was about humans - well, a human, from what he could grasp. A young girl human.

He pressed the keys inwardly, the dark tone of the notes fitting the idea. How...quaint, honestly. A young human girl, trapped in a world unlike her own, forced to abandon her name, what she believed in, for someone else's idea of what things should be like. Yet in a way they were better, and those who controlled her were pigs. Slimy, disgusting pigs, eating everything in site and caring for her naught, and even if she wasn't doing things right, at least she was doing things, she did everything for them, but they just didn't notice or care--

The alien paused, swallowing as he continued playing. Don't focus on it too much, or you'll mess up. Was that all they were, though? She still wanted to protect them. Still wanted them to be happy, even if they didn't seem to care about her - listen to her - no one ever seemed to listen. Until she got to the other world, and then people started listening. People seemed to care about what she had to say, and there was a monster she befriended, someone like her that had gotten everything, but lost control, until he finally got it back, and became better, but they were similar...

And there was that boy she met, even if she found annoyance with him, he still did watch over her in a way, even if she had to save him from when he got in over his head too far, he saved her in return, and....the pets, the pets that traveled with her, she needed her pets. One that seemed like a failure to the one he was created by, but was actually the smartest, one that was steadfastly loyal...

No change in tempo, but switch the keys up a bit.

It was indecipherable why Gir liked that movie so much. It seemed nonsensical. But the robot had watched it nigh-constantly when they'd first rented it nonetheless, and Zim had at least paid attention a bit. A bit.He let out a sigh, breathing in time with the music.

He missed Gir, honestly he did. He wouldn't admit it out loud, but the robot was the closest thing he had to...well, a sibling back home. A pet at the very least, but a sibling probably closer so. He listened, and even if he didn't seem to understand all of the time, he still went along with him, he still did what he wanted to, he still...tried to help him. That was why he'd promised the moon to him, after all.

At least, Zim thought with another breath inwards, at least I have Asriel, and he did. At least he had that big brother figure who promised not to leave him, at least he had someone who was capable of telling him that it was all okay, and he could keep the idea around that he could go back with him to the Underground when they found a way home, and that'd be nice. He'd just have to grab Gir, and then he'd live that way.

The Dib was around, too, but he was the least of his concerns. Apparently he was still watching him (go figure), but was marginally less suspicious. Marginally. It wasn't like he was doing anything, he'd given all that up for the most part, but the whole 'gang' thing still applied, and he was still a member, even if some people did actually...seem to like him, which was a confusing thought to the alien.

And...finish. The Irken paused, hearing a bit of clapping and almost twitching and turning around, but no, he froze. He'd manage to get another song on his mind, and then he could ignore the people who were paying attention. That'd be for the best.

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