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Countless intangible veils separate all universes from each other - and from ours. The fabric of space and time is at its faintest, like gossamer, at these proximate points we share with all other realities. Interdimensional castaways are drawn to safety and arrive on a train in our core world, Hialao. The train system also serves as our lifeblood by connecting five other worlds to Hialao.

With the dimensional displacements not yet showing signs of slowing, and research forever futile on how to leave (besides those who simply vanish, falling back through the invisible curtain), it's impossible to say who might arrive and how they might shape this fragile series of lands, eras and cultures. Good luck out there.

Our application template was made by Juliannacodes exclusively for Gossamer. Thanks to kismet for the sidebar cookie script. Icons courtesy of Ionicons. Banner art by Pixiv user ID #122500. Free pixel icon resources sourced from various places such as pvstels, 7soul1, The Infamous Bon Bon, neonvamp, and more.

Site premise was formed by the original staff of Gossamer - Alida, Prince, Rebecca, Morgan, and Tera, who created the dimensions of Elestis, Hialao, Parse, Barrows, and Wildewall, respectively. Additionally, Tethya was the result of a site event and was created by a former member, Velvet.

Gossamer's genre-based multi-world concept must not be duplicated or mirrored elsewhere without express permission from the current owner and staff. Member-made content belongs to its respective creators. DO NOT RIP, INSPIRE, RECREATE, OR STEAL ANY PART OF THIS SITE.


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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
ADRIEN AGRESTE * inactive 5-November 15 27
AERITH GAINSBOROUGH unsorted 16-August 17 0
AHIRU unsorted 11-June 17 1
AINO MINAKO barrows 30-November 16 47
AKECHI GORO elestis 25-May 17 46
AKEMI moderator 15-February 17 151
AKEMI HOMURA elestis- 26-December 16 69
AKIMICHI CHOUJI hialao- 1-January 17 45
AKUTAGAWA RYUUNOSUKE drifter 26-February 17 52
ALBEL NOX drifter 21-February 17 17
ALEX MERCER barrows 25-February 17 30
ALFRED F. JONES hialao- 11-September 15 237
ALOIS TRANCY unsorted 15-June 17 0
ALOY unsorted 31-July 17 0
ALTAIR drifter- 17-July 17 8
ALUCARD drifter 27-April 17 36
AMAJIKI TAMAKI barrows 19-July 17 27
ANA AMARI parse- 7-February 17 47
ANEMONE parse- 18-September 16 97
ANGELA ZIEGLER unsorted Yesterday at 09:40 pm 0
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