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You've slipped through the ephemeral veil of gossamer that separates your own world from ours. It is a train which mysteriously brought you here. These trains also serve as our lifeblood by interconnecting our six dimensions.

Hialao is the nucleus, a modern, sunny and hospitable seaside realm; Wildewall is steeped in tradition, good for those with archaic roots and a taste for wilderness; Elestis is the fantasy land of ever-tumbling magic and whimsical imagination; Parse whirs like the massive digital machine that it is, advanced and technological.

Barrows is the breeding ground of chaos, with refrains of grunge and anachronistic crime; Tethya is the small but glorious underwater world reminiscent of Victorian times; and those who don't feel at home in any of these places, or simply like to wander, are known as Drifters.

We're a panfandom roleplay forum for animated and illustrated media: this includes anime, manga, Western animation and comics, video games, visual novels, and more. We are hosted on Jcink Premium and are over 3 and a half years old. Please register in ALL CAPITALS!


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 pull me out of the water, angelus
i'm in love with an angel, heaven forbid. makes me a believer with the touch of her skin.
Akemi (she/her)
sinking like a siren that can't swim anymore
@ANGELUS, i am sorry this is the shortest thing ever to exist
Wildewall did not have a very large population. In fact, it was smaller than even Amegakure, and the village she had run with Nagato was one of the smallest of the hidden villages. Despite the fact that it was so much less crowded than the rest of the dimensions, Konan still occasionally felt overwhelmed by the amount of people milling about the town in the middle of the day. It was a strange anxiety to have, she supposed, but she had grown used to being alone, to isolating herself in order to find a bit of peace. Being in the center of a crowd was jarring to her senses.

When she felt the urge to be alone, she often went out towards the outskirts of the town to sit by the water - far enough away from the fishermen that she couldn't hear them talking - more like shouting - at each other and swearing. Over here, it was peaceful, and she could just watch the water, sketch the surface of the lake, lay and watch the clouds slowly drift by. She could be in peace, and hopefully, be alone.

Out under the mid-afternoon sun, she was a little too warm in her Akatsuki cloak. She unzipped it and folded it up, placing it on the ground where she was going to sit. It had been warm enough earlier for rain, and chances were the ground was still wet, and she would rather get the cloak soaked than her pants.

This time, Konan hadn't brought her sketchbook with her. She was more intending to just... relax. Spend a little time not doing anything at all - given how rare that was, even now when she held a much less important job than she had before. Even just working as an artist, it felt like there was always something to be done.

It would be nice to do nothing for a little while.

"Fools, one and all, these humans."
Over ten thousand
Splendi (She/Her)

((shhh you're fine <3 don't worry about it, it was still a good starter!))

Her memories were a jumbled, distorted mess, and she wasn’t sure how or where to begin in rectifying what she’d been left with. The earlier parts were easier...she’d been brought down by poisonous arrows, chained and left to bleed out in the courtyard of the castle that the goddess occupied. Caim had approached her, and they’d formed a pact. And after that…
...hmph, that’s where it became difficult for her to organise her memories. There were events that she recalled, she simply couldn’t recall when they occurred. She remembered Inuart, Caim’s sister, the foolish blind man, Verdelet, the insane elf, the child...she thought she remembered how she met them all, but sometimes she had to wonder if things had TRULY occurred the way she thought they had. Though she’d regained her senses and memories of Caim, it seemed as though her time spent as the Seal against the gods’ wrath had left their scars. She may never fully remember how events transpired back in her home, but did that matter? It was the past. It wasn’t here, nor now.

And besides that, she remembered what was important; she remembered him. She remembered Caim.

Bah! What a pathetic and ridiculously useless thought to have. Perhaps soaking her head in the lake would help her to rid herself of these idiotically sentimental notions. If anything, she only remembered Caim because he was so frustratingly foolish that it was hard NOT to remember him.


The dragon shook her head as she banked left, and began to fly towards the lake instead. Whether or not any head soaking would actually occur was still up in the air; before anything, she’d need a drink. And if there were no humans about to stare and wonder just what she was doing, she may very well thrust her entire head underwater to shock herself from this line of thought. Though she knew, and she understood that she cared for Caim...thoughts such as those were unbecoming of a dragon.

The lake drew into sight, and she started to dip down towards it. As always, she headed far from the fishing docks so as not to alarm the fishermen, though the sight of something caused her momentary pause.
Oh, wonderful. It seemed as though humans had begun to overtake the areas she tended to stick to...though it was only the one, and it didn’t seem as though the human possessed any visible weaponry. Hmph, even if she did have weapons, it’d do her little good against a dragon. Angelus would still watch her for any hostilities, but for the moment? She wasn’t concerned.

And so she settled down onto the lake’s shallows, her wings folding at her sides, and her tail curling against the lakebank. The dragon regarded Konan cautiously for a moment or two before snorting, and turning her attention to the lake before her. No...no head soaking would occur today, not with THAT one as close as she was. As little as she cared for the opinions that humans may hold of her, she still had to maintain a sense of pride and dignity around them. Besides, she’d stopped those thoughts on her own, hadn’t she? Therefore, the need for dunking her head into the water had passed.
She, however, still needed to drink, and so she lowered her head towards the water to do just that. She didn’t recall ever seeing that particular human before...but no matter. Hopefully she’d proven that she meant the human no harm.
It’d be annoying if the human started to scream for help now.
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