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With the dimensional displacements not yet showing signs of slowing, and research forever futile on how to leave (besides those who simply vanish, falling back through the invisible curtain), it's impossible to say who might arrive and how they might shape this fragile series of lands, eras and cultures. Good luck out there.

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 Maui, Moana / Hippo
What can I say except "You're welcome" For the tides, the sun, the sky? Hey, it's OK, it's OK. You're welcome I'm just an ordinary demi-guy!
Hippo (she/her)
I know it's a lot the hair the bod.
powers will be listed below and I will be referencing this wikia

Maui the Man


One word, one small utterance and yet it defined the beginning of his existence. He has never been sure of why his parents didn't want him. He just knows that he was left for dead by his human family. Maybe he was too small, maybe they wanted a girl. How could he know when they had never bothered to tell him? All he did know was it hurt and even after being taken in by the gods he couldn't move past it. What did it say about who he was if his own people couldn't find it in them to like him? And so he vowed to find a way, a way to make them understand that he was deserving of their love and affection. Maybe if he could get some humans to love him, it would make up for the two who hadn't.

Maui the Demigod

And so he did. He gave them the sky, fire, the sun, the breeze. The list was endless, he did everything, in some cases putting himself at risk to do so. It was never enough, they were the acts of a demigod committed by a man, a man who just wanted to be loved. Then he thought of the best plan. A plan that was so certain to work. He would take the heart of Te Fiti, said to be the source of the creation of life itself. He would make humans into gods. After all, the gods had made him one, why shouldn't he do the same for others. That would have to make them like him.

So, not even considering the ways it could go wrong, he set out, towards Te Fiti. Getting onto the island unnoticed was a breeze for someone like him. He just shapeshifted his way in, unnoticed, but when he took the heart, the earth started to shake. The ground around him died, but that was barely noticed in his flight to leave. He had to get away, had to get the heart back to humans, so they could start to adore him. As he fled the island, a demon of Earth and Fire, Te Ka rose from the sea. Trying to snatch the heart from him, she hurled a fireball at him. He was struck down and washed ashore on an island. The hook was lost, his abilities were lost, the heart was lost.

He wanted to give the humans the gift of life, he thought for certain it would make him good enough and in the end it just stole everything that made him who he was.

Maui the Arrogant

Still, he knows that at least humans have to love him now, he's given the source of all creation. That has to mean something. It has to. On his island he lives, content knowing this. Content but it doesn't last. It never does. Those in life that get what they want, only wait so long before they want more. Maui wants his fishhook back. His godly powers are still existent but they are severely diminished without it. Plus, the fact that Tamatoa, that stupid crab, has it. It just eats at him. So when a young girl shows up with a boat, he doesn't think twice before leaving her on the island. After all, she got what she wanted, an autograph. She got to meet her hero so she should be able to die happy, right?

He didn't expect her to be resourceful enough to escape the cave, but she is. And then though she shouldn't have been able to catch the boat, she did. Damn ocean with its attitude problem, forcing him to get along with this princess and her stupid chicken. He's almost positive that bird has swallowed too many rocks. She had to have to, I mean when she tells him he's nobody's hero. There's no way he did all that for nothing. Then the ocean confirms it and his heart sinks. He lost everything he was, was stranded on an island for thousands of years, and people saw him as the bad guy. The villain. What the hell was the point?

Maui the Friend

Still, Moana as he learned her name was, was resourceful. She quickly started to grow on him. He'd never had a human friend and through it all, the ocean hitting him in the butt cheek with a dart and forcing him to teach her to sail, fighting the Kakamora. Lalotai and facing off against Tamatoa, she was the reason they won at all. He'd like to say he was behind it, but he couldn't. She saved his butt when he realized he couldn't shapeshift right, and Tamatoa almost defeated him. When he was having trouble finding his powers because of his confidence. Mini Maui had always been his moral compass and when the little guy had liked her right off the bat, he should have known there was something special about her.

They developed a relationship of trust, teaching each other. She was the first human who saw anything about him worth loving. The first one who cheered him on. She helped him remember who he was, and to get his shapeshifting abilities under control.

Maui the Useless

Maybe that was why he reacted the way he did when she didn't listen to him. When she decided to go for the break in the rock despite him telling her they'd never make it. He was furious, someone who he'd thought saw him as someone worth listening to, didn't listen to him when it counted. When Te Ka dealt the almost crippling blow to his fish hook, he got mad. They were blown away from Te Fiti and Maui's anger knew no bounds. His words were harsh and cold as he prepared to fly away. She'd almost cost him his fish hook and after all. Without his fish hook he was nothing.

Maui the Hero

Still, he can't leave her behind. He continued flying over the mountains and the whole way his mind is shrieking at him. How can he consider himself a hero if he abandons someone, the only person who's ever believed in him. Doesn't that make him the bad guy, doesn't that make him nothing. Not the loss of his hook, the loss of his humanity. Sure, he's a demi-god but isn't he a human too. Isn't it his humanity that made him want to be accepted by humans this whole time? Turning tail back towards the island, he lets out a loud shriek of defiance. He will prove he is something, with or without his fish hook.

And he does, he fends off Te Ka, who turns out to be Te Fiti. The rage from having her heart stolen turned her black and dark, into a demon. When she hurls a bolt of fire at Moana he doesn't think twice about blocking it with his hook. The hook is destroyed but he finds himself in the process. He finds out who he is. He is something without his hook. Doesn't make the offer of a new hook from Te Fiti any less exciting. With everything set right, his status as hero, having a human friend, he flies off to new horizons. Moana will be a perfect leader someday, and he will keep watch on her.

At least that's what he planned but he ends up on a train instead, in a new place called the Multiverse. Here he chooses the undersea dimension because it fits him best being a demi-god of the wind and sea. Still, the ocean here is different. It doesn't have the same sass as the ocean in his home. The ocean where he was from annoyed him, frustrated him, but he missed it. This one is flat, and boring. It doesn't speak or splash him. He wonders if Moana is here, or if he's alone, again.

End of the movie as he says goodbye to Moana and then shapeshifts into a hawk and flies off
What can I say except "You're welcome" For the tides, the sun, the sky? Hey, it's OK, it's OK. You're welcome I'm just an ordinary demi-guy!
Hippo (she/her)
Maui is a demigod of the wind and sea, born human and then made a demigod after being abandoned by his parents, responsible for quite a few feats of creation in his home world. Due to this, he is a very powerful being, and quite a few of his powers will be nerfed, as godlike beings are automatically made less deity like by the Multiverses magic.

Strength: Maui's strength will definitely be nerfed here, as it's immense. He was able to lasso the sun, pull up islands from the sea. He has the strength of a god because he is one. Here it will be more, lifting large items but god like feats such as those will not be capable. He still has superstrength but not god-like strength if that makes sense.

Immortal: Maui is over a millennia old and he is going to live forever, and look the same as always.

Fish Hook/Shapeshifting: Maui's wikia says he is capable of shapeshifting into anything you can think of. However, since in the movie he only shapeshifts into animals that is all I'm probably gonna have him shapeshift into here. The fish hook is also a god weapon and capable of injuring gods. However, I'm going to nerf its power here. It still is a weapon, and can help him shapeshift (he can only shapeshift when he has it.) it will not be capable of killing almost anything with a single blow with the blunt side.

Illusions and Sentient Tattoos: He can create illusions to distract people, and his tattoos appear when he earns them. Most importantly, here, is mini-maui, the sentient tiny tattoo version of himself that acts as his moral compass throughout the movie.

Wayfinding/Sailing: Even without his powers, he is a master wayfinder and sailor and is more comfortable on the open sea than he is on land most of the time.

Carma (MOM/MUM)
acceptedwelcome to gossamer
Ahh there we go, it's Maui~ And I am reviewing your app.....You're Welcome! <_< Okay I'm done. But yes, it's nice to see another Disney from you, first Hans and now the (much nicer and more likeable) Maui! Gotta wonder what he's going to do now. His friend is back home as far as he knows...

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