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Oh. R-right. Yes, of course. I'm terribly sorry. I shouldn't have yelled... I was just a bit...overcome..
Noire is a human warrior. She is most talented with a bow, able to hold her own against seasoned soldiers as well as the legions of the undead. Additionally, Noire is a talented baker and cook.
The young girl’s feet swung anxiously as she sat upon the tall chair. She repeated her mommy’s instructions over and over again in her head. There had only been three, but she had been cautioned that each one was super important. In her hands was cupped a small, silver box. She cradled it near to her chest. It had grown colder since she had began holding it. So much that not only was the hand directly touching the box freezing, but the supporting hand under it was nearly chilled as well. But Mommy had been clear, she was to hold the box no matter what until all four of the runes lit up. So far, only three were glowing. So she had to keep holding it.

Three runes of four, instruction one of three… After it was all over, she was going to get a chance to try magic again herself. She wasn’t sure she wanted that, but Mommy was sure she wanted that. And she understood why. If Mommy was a great enchanter and hexer, then she should be, too. Why wouldn’t she want to be like her?

At the moment it felt as though her fingers were going to crack, the fourth rune finally lit up. The seven year old practically dropped the box from excitement. Fumbling, she regain control of the artifact and herself. It was time for the second step! Not the time to be playing around. Sliding herself on the table, Noire carefully dipped the box and both hands into the tin bowl of water.

Her eyes widen in fear as a black, ink-like substance began to travel up the length of her arm. What was happening? This wasn’t what Mommy said would happen. Was she still supposed to do the next step? It was already up to her elbow… And then, she blacked out.

---- The book open in front of her, Noire began to recite off the ten keys that made up the basic fire incantation. Only a novice like her needed to say all ten of them. Once she got better, she would be able to hold the keys in her head like her Mom. With each syllable, she could feel a shift in the world around her. Her influence compressing onto the ball of cotton that was serving as her focus. From the sixth key into the seventh, the magic surrounded the sphere in a tighter shape. In her mind’s eye, it was like noodles or a bunch of snakes constricting around the space. Once they made contact, the cotton would be lit.

But the seventh key transitioned to the eighth and the knot began to falter. Instead of an even compression, one of the strands moved in a lackadaisy manner. And as soon as the first hair length was wrong, others began to follow. No longer focussed, a small gap became an entire hemisphere. And then the spell fizzled completely. Through it all, she had continued to speak her incantation. But as the last syllable left her lips, all that was before her was an old book and a very unburnt piece of cotton. She would have shed a tear, but this was her twelfth try, so she was already used to it for the day. If she got the hang of it before sixteen, she’d beat her record.


Freshly simmered onions, carrots and potatoes were added to the mixture of garlic, tomato, wine, bay leaves and other ingredients that made up the stew. There were still more ingredients left to add, but already it smelling great. Noire felt perfectly balanced on her stepping stool as she listened to her Dad explain the next few steps. She could barely see into the pot, but she trusted every word he said. The large container was big enough to fill all the bellies in the common room right next to the kitchen.

Dad had said they were war orphans. Children who had been displaced as the fight against the Risen waged on. Him and Mom had to leave a lot to go help. Every time, she worried they wouldn’t come back. That she might become like the kids on the other side of the door. Alone and without her own home. But when he smiled down on her, she knew it would never happen.

She had never seen any Risen before, but Dad was a mighty warrior and a great healer. Mom was a powerful mage. There was no way either of them would lose. Once his hands were unoccupied, Noire, reached over to hug against his side. Together, they’d make sure those poor kids who had lost their parents still knew someone was looking out for them. Maybe she’d even be good enough to help on the front lines soon. That way she could watch out for her parents like they watched out for her.


The weapon felt… different in her hands. She had spent many days hunched over magical tomes, trying to unlock the ability that seemed to come so naturally to her mother. It had been like filling a broken vase with water. Everything flooded out too fast for it to ever be filled. But this was new. She could feel the synergy as her dominant hand pulled back the string, the bow itself sturdied by her left hand. Looking through the length of the arrow, she could see the bandit ahead. She knew that if she loosed, she would hit. She would likely kill them unaware criminal.

Is this what she had wanted? The power to change the past by doing what she couldn’t in her present… it was in this bow. But it meant taking lives. This wasn’t dummies set up for practice. It was not an undead Risen. This was a living, human man. One that was threatening to sell her into slavery before she could see her mother and father again… A man who had seen her as a commodity instead of a person. No, she couldn’t let her dream die because she was too soft. The world was at risk. She had to be strong and her late mother had given her something for just these moments.

”FEEL MY WRATH!” she yelled, loosing the arrow. As it flew, her vision became red along the edges. The talisman gave her courage, it made her strong. It allowed her to control her own destiny. And it meant she wouldn’t have to feel bad as she watched the oaf’s lifeless body fall to the floor after a moment of struggle. So that’s what killing felt like.


She looked into the infant’s eyes. Her hand went to gently stroke the tiny girl’s forehead, but as she watched it shake, she let it fall instead. This baby was her. She had the same eyes and the same hair. Only the difference in age would keep them from looking identical…

Then again, that wasn’t true. This Noire wouldn’t have to have her scars. The burn marks on her hands, the marks on her fingers from drawing a bowstring, the small dots where she had been pricked by sprigs of thorns. And everything she carried on the inside. She could be there for this Noire and make sure that didn’t happen. She could make sure Dad understood how important it was that they look out for her. She had come back to help save the world from Grima, was it so bad to want to save herself, as well?

14 years
After Chapter 19, the Conqueror. Is the daughter of Libra.
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@NOIRE This app looks lovely, Rally! I don't know much about Fire Emblem, but I did some reading and it looks like you captured both sides of Noire's personality quite well. You could feel the difference between the meek and unsure Noire earlier in the app and the bolder, fiercer Noire with the talisman. Lovely job. One thing I did notice though, and it's something fairly small that can be easily fixed - Noire's member group is listed in your profile for her as Wildewall, but yet you've used the color codes in this app for Elestis. It looks like you meant to place her into Elestis, so would you be able to fix the dimension in your profile? Other than that, this looks good to go!

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